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Traditional Fusion

A profoundly contemporary theme in which different cultures and traditions grow together in the same city, sharing the past, and look ahead to the future.

In one way its more traditional, going back to the roots, and yet its a step ahead at the same time. A look at the new generation.

The concept of contamination of traditions in this respect and the artists who reelaborate traditional materials with modern techniques, and vice versa. A ‘crafts’ style, contemporary essence and an ethnic spirit. Artisanal tapestries, kilim inspirations and country fabrics, laces and scarf fantasies in an urban mood.

Eco utility

A new generation of consumers interested in eco-oriented items to join environmental sustainability.

Functionality and strength of design are more important than ever. The modern
nomad is no longer attracted to the material goods, but favors the experience instead, be it travel, sports etc. Hence, versatility and utility is incredibly important.

A hybrid style in which classic textiles, with a masculine touch, are seen with eco-shearing or superimposed, for example with hi-tech plastic materials.

source : http://www.5forecastore.fashion/flat-drawings/149-fw-2018-19-development-step-forward.html

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