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The following trend will describe in detail what designers and product managers are looking for in order to develop their upcoming collections.


An emotional intercommunication between the wearer and the final product will enlighten the senses, not just in enhanced performance but through fit, sensual touch and visual appeal. The generated function features in invisible and visible format, from fabrics to finishes, trims to accessories. Smart and intelligent in its delivery, SENSORY also o ers a protective element in new generation lightweight qualities from featherlight base layers through to super soft insulation and multi performance outer shells.
This trend is about getting clever with the high performance ingredients we have, pushing the boundaries in technology and also textile processing.In doing so, this predominantly synthetic trend will o er a strong sustainable story as a reduction of water and energy combined with innovative finishing and sustainable dyeing and finishing processes. All sectors of the industry are gearing up for this trend, with fiber manufacturers leading the way.
Wearable technology and intelligent sensors also feature combined with trims and finishes that react to changing environments, enhancing performance and o ering unrivaled protection. Wellbeing also features with fabrics that energize, heal and nourish the body as well as intensifying performance.

  • Polypropylene - now dyeable
  • Bright synthetic yarns
  • Micro fine denier yarns
  • Heat sensitive thermochromic and light sensitivephotochromic dyes and finishes
  • Micro encapsulated FIR yarns and finishes - from wellbeingto thermal benefits from minerals to metals
  • Reflective technology - yarns and prints for fabrics and trims
  • Phosphorescent yarns and prints
  • High tenacity yarns
  • Hollow yarns - lightweight and warm
  • Heat generating yarns
  • Performance membranes and laminates
  • Fabrics that react - physically and visually
  • Featherweight fabrics with power in nano structureswith 360o stretch and flexibility
  • Super light and compact spacer fabrics
  • Micro fleece structure, barely-there velvety pile
  • Climatic control yarns and finishes
  • Intelligent body morphing fabrics that stretch and recover
  • Intelligent insulation - additional performance includes anti-microbial and bi-stretch and water repellency and breathability
  • Micro light double faced fabrics and bondedstructures, compressed for a thinner appeal
  • but with all the performance
  • Gleaming performance coatings
  • Embedded RFID and sensors in accessories and trims
  • Lucid coatings on micro fine rip stops
  • 3D digital printed accessories - smooth and compact
  • Magnetic clasps and closures
  • High performance base layers
  • Thermal base layers
  • Super light and compact second layers
  • Protective outer shells
  • Footwear and back packs
  • Tents
  • Active leisure performance to professional protection
  • Running, gym workout and high impact performance - the focus on high level performance
  • Lightweight performance for skiing, climbing and mountaineering


The mood of consumers is split, their allegiance divided to the inherent features of natural yarns to the guaranteed performance of high-level synthetic ingredients. The obvious solution is to consolidate the best of both worlds, delivering precision performance and comfort touch. Expect to see an increase in hybrid blends, a push towards sustainable solutions as an intermix of natural, manmade and synthetic solutions comes into play.
The textile chain is being cooperative in addressing the ubiquitous ’S’-word’: sustainability. From natural to synthetics fiber producers, textile manufacturers and finishes, all are united in delivering more sustainable products and processes. The strong organic mood influences not just the composition but also the fabric appeal. Porous surfaces work alongside featherweight circular knits, intriguing surfaces morph the functionality of this trend with the fashion aspect. A more decorative approach is being taken, think less about basics: this is about essentials. Essential in wearability and function of the garment, in wellness and wellbeing, and not forgetting giving the consumer a clear conscience.
Push the boundaries as contrasting ingredients intermingle in creating a renewed zeal towards functional fabrics and reworked finishes in establishing e ective and dynamic solutions. Opposites can attract, as a united front for this season will result in delivering a strong sustainable aspect that will appeal to all sectors of the industry.

  • BCI cotton and organic cotton
  • Merino wool - conventional and organic
  • Recycled synthetics - smarter nylon and polyester dull texturedyarns take the hybrid mood to a new level
  • Lyocell and modal
  • Milk, nettle, seaweed, ca eine and soya continue todevelop as part of the new sustainable alternatives
  • Nano technology membranes and finishes
  • Wellbeing delivery from natural ingredients including minerals and ca eine
  • Bio mimicry features in all levels of the textile chain
  • Sustainable solutions at all levels - eliminating water,reduced dyeing processes from innovative yarn development,reduced energy and eco friendly chemical
  • Sublimation and digital printing
  • Organic dyes and reduced water/chemical dyeing
  • Traceable down and recycled insulation
  • Natural/synthetic blends insulation -the best of both worlds for enhanced performance
  • Recycled trims and accessories - metal or plastic
  • Organic inspired fabric structures
  • Irregular openwork jacquards
  • Contrasting dull/textured yarns o er subtle opticaldetail with an organic inspiration
  • Raised relief on surfaces - irregular organic inspirations
  • Brushed surfaces
  • Single knit lyocell/recycled polyester blendsfor fluidity and performance
  • Performance denim - thermal regulating, four-way stretch,moisture management in lookalike denim in knits through to authentic woven through the continuing interestof hybrid blends and layering technology
  • Bonded fabrics with functional membrane for second layer fabrics that are transcending outerwear
  • Mélange warp knits overprinted with a discharge effect
  • High performance lightweight micro fleece -stamped and embossed for added detail
  • Space dyed knits in natural touch synthetics
  • Soft nap doeskin-inspired surfaces and/or technical sideon knits and woven for supreme soothing touch fromtechnical brushing to the use of textured yarns
  • Cotton teams with synthetics and spandex/elastane for cotton touch power mesh
  • 3 layer super lightweight outer shells with a powdery touch
  • Brushed knits and wovens on the technical side for a fleecytouch against the skinLucid coatings on micro fine rip stops
  • 3D digital printed accessories - smooth and compact
  • Magnetic clasps and closures
  • Base, second and outer layers
  • Performance denim
  • Lightweight warmth in baseand second layer shells
  • Protective outer shells
  • Footwear and backpacks
  • Sleeping bags - insulation
  • Sophisticated through to sassy applications to appeal at all levels of the market Athleisure and street sports
  • Soft sports - yoga and pilates
  • Winter warmers with a perfect naturaltouch and built-in intelligence for sporty styling garment applications through to professional levels


Forget less is more and focus on more is more, as an immeasurable amount of performance converts products, containing an assortment of ingredients in one final item. Layering technology, from physical fabric construction from the fibers and yarns to membranes and coatings adds value to the final products. This trend is directed towards incredibly lightweight products, pact full of multi function, allowing bestselling basics to get updated into new generation ‘must haves’ and textile and trim suppliers to play with readily available ingredients and createthe next big thing.
With the abundance of ingredients setting a frenzied mood, it also crosses through to the fabric structure. A humorous and enticing spirit can be seen in prints and structures, taking on a 3D e ect but with a sense of irregularity. Contrasting openwork jacquards bond together in di erent colors and textures, laser cutting and 3D prints give an illusive depth of texture and animated surfaces.
The development so this section leads to highly intelligent products that will eliminate the bulk of layering in garment form to create a new agility and improved performance for the consumer. The availability of true function throughout the textile chain allows for the unthinkable to be achieved. This is about steppingout of the zone, pushing for new developments that will stand out from the competition. It’s about taking what we have available to new levels in a multifaceted way. Anything is possible if we truly believe in it and it performs the way it is supposed to.

  • Hollow polypropylene in delivering the lightest fabrics yet
  • High strength synthetic fibers in blends for added strengthwithout the weight
  • Bright micro denier nylon
  • Spandex/elastane for power in light weight fabrics
  • Hollow thermal regulating yarns
  • Water free dyeing
  • Mineral-embedded FIR yarns - polyester and nylon
  • Eco-friendly membranes and coatings
  • Recycled synthetics
  • Multi performance layering finishes
  • Innovative reflective/metallic coatings for textural effect
  • Hyperrealistic prints and yarn blends
  • Second skin featherweight nano structured high performancefabrics that multi perform - breathable, quick dry, thermal,waterproof, windproof for outer layers
  • Micro light fabrics with enhanced levels of function fromfiber through to construction through to finish
  • Featherweight circular knits for compression base layers
  • Key components including insulation and accessories goincredibly light in weight
  • Micro light rip stop - membrane protected
  • Multi functional fabrics inspired by hosiery construction
  • Added performance finishes add value to existingperformance fabrics
  • Clean cut circular knit - opaque fabrics in micro light weights
  • Erratic openwork and power mesh - single or double layerfor contrast
  • Raised surfaces effects
  • Nurturing and the e ect of physically healing fabrics inpower powered compression knits
  • 3D digital printed trims and accessories
  • Multi-layer performance fabrics - bonded or structured butplenty of layering
  • Vapor structures with 3D visual surface effects
  • Engineered power panels in flat knit garment formswith singular seam
  • Spacer fabrics
  • Moire-look knits and coatings - light deflecting surface appeal
  • Double faced fabrics with contrasting perfection
  • Double faced fabrics with contrasting perfection
  • Stylish, sophisticated and slightly futuristic outdoor wear
  • Base layers - virtually second skin but opaque and performing
  • Pro-level performance skiing
  • Aerodynamic garments - secondskin and high compression
  • Second layers with higher levelsof performance eliminate theneed for outer shells
  • Soft equipment - tents andsleeping bags
  • Outdoor wear
  • Semi and pro winter sports
  • Skiing and all snow sports
  • Climbing and ice-climbing


Achieving that perfect performance isn’t just down to the prowess of the wearer, the equipment required is just as important in attaining personal goals. Perfection comes into play as surfaces o er a sublime feel, embrace and protect the body as well as deliver enhanced proficiency no matter what the outdoor activity. PARAGON is geared to those who strive to be the best in both conventional and extreme winter sports, and the fabrics, trims and accessories aid a winning performance. Devoted to athletes in all sectors of the sports world, this is the ‘crème de la crème’ of the performance sector.
Compact and embracing, the fabrics’ intelligent instinct kicks in, enhancing the performance of the wearer. A protective aspect features at various levels from core stability to reflective elements, tear resistant to shock absorbing. A tough industrial influence features alongside a modern digital aspect. Combine those with the science of nature, you get the full deal of tomorrows fabrics and accessories.
Uncompromising in its performance, these products from base layer up are tenacious and hardy in longevity, softer, and equally as important, super light in weight without neglecting the robustness, combined with being comfortable and flexible to wear. Zoned compression base layers through to aramid fibers in new generation stretch qualities for woven that embrace and protectthe body. Anti-bacterial ingredients, water repellency and thermal regulation add to the mix in creating the ultimate in active achievements whateverthe conditions.

  • Steel-like strength aramid yarns with super soft touch
  • Tenacious synthetics
  • Thermal regulating synthetic yarns
  • High power spandex/elastane
  • Dull and bright synthetic yarns
  • DWR finishes
  • Moisture management, anti-bacterial, anti-staticperformance in yarn or finish content
  • Breathable/waterproof/windproof membranes
  • Micro light trims and accessories
  • Multi functional insulation
  • High compression fabrics - extreme power and protective fit
  • Spacer fabrics
  • Flexible 360o power stretch fabrics
  • Neoprene yarns - comfort spongey recovery
  • Protective outer shells
  • Reactive fabrics that respond to impact for protectionwith locked-in zones
  • Zoned compression in seamless and cut-and-sew applications
  • Four-way stretch functional membranes and coatings
  • Polyurethane stretch prints in transparent or coloredqualities update basics optically
  • 3-layer wovens with stretch and surface performance
  • Lightweight quilting using high tenacity nylonfor the face fabrics for protection and warmth
  • Fast drying fabrics
  • Multi layered and bonded fabrics
  • Cellular structured double sided fabrics
  • Impact resistant fabrics
  • Silicon embedded 3 layers fabrics for shock resistance
  • High tenacity anti-abrasive wovens and knits
  • Erratic prints for outer layers
  • Low scrunch noise on 3-layer shell fabrics with high performance for skiing
  • High compression base layers
  • Thermal regulating base layers
  • Rigid and stretch second layers
  • Outer layers range from soft shellto crisp rip stop for tops
  • Woven bottom outer layer fabricswith anti-abrasive comfort
  • Iron Man, triathlete, marathon
  • High level cross training
  • High impact workouts
  • Extreme winter sports -ice climbing, ski biking, snow kiting
  • Cycling
  • Urban sports
  • Mountaineering
  • Pro-sport base layers with compression
  • Soft equipment - lightweight yetstrong tents and sleeping bags


Adaptive to all surroundings and activities, fabrics mutate, evolve and chaotically behave on a visual and physical level. An unruly mood dictates through prints and textures, this is a mutiny from the old school style ofsafe performance fabrics - it is time to break free from the norm and reject conventionality. But while this trend takes on a defiant direction to the old to bring in the new, it still requires the traditional aspect of the performance fibers and finishes available to achieve its unique style.
Visual aspects range from bold and brassy to a more subtle blasé appeal, this direction also evolves fabrics and trims that mutate to di erent situations, especially through metamorphism-inspired prints and yarn combinations. Camouflage, mélange and chameleon-like color variations feature in changing e ects from yarn through to innovative coating.
Strikingly optical, the basics of stretch and recovery, protective aspects anda need for a soft touch are key, as compact surfaces work alongside oscillating structures. This is all part of the diversity of this direction, it is the oxymoron trend of the season, expressive through the disparateness and irregularityin surfaces and density through to optically enigmatic graphics. Visually and texturally stimulating, products in this sector are shouting out to be seen ranging from high level performance to a fun hint of glam. Let’s changethe rules!

  • DTY Textured yarns for a grainy touch
  • Cut yarns
  • Heat generated yarns
  • Moisture management and anti bacterial function
  • High power spandex/elastane
  • High performance synthetics
  • Hollow synthetics for lightweight warmth
  • Merino wool, cotton and cellulosics for blends
  • Micro acrylic
  • Fancy macro yarns - boucle and looped
  • Mélange and space dyed effects with new yarn combinations
  • Reflective yarns
  • Fluorescent transfers and prints
  • Illusive lenicular printed coatings and membranes
  • Rebellious and erratic textures
  • New generation fleece - extend the pile and emboss
  • Light deflecting and reflecting contradictory finishes in printedand solid coatings and membranes
  • Double side bonded fabrics - compact/irregular
  • Temperature reactive pigment prints
  • Changeant cross dye effects
  • Breathable lamination
  • DWR on high performance second layer fabrics withthermal regulation eliminating the need for an outer shell
  • Digital printing
  • Exaggerated interlock with PU coating
  • Flocked and brushed finishes
  • Neon reflective elements - go for color - especially in trims and tapes
  • Down proof rip stops perfect for prints
  • Synthetic featherweight base layers
  • Visually stimulating prints - lenicular illusive prints for trims and transfers
  • Bright tri-lobal nylons
  • We want to see roving prints that catch the light and a dapt in di erent environments
  • Fabrics that mold to the body
  • Performance faux fur
  • High performance synthetic shearling
  • Soft touch base layers
  • Second layers feature from shirtingthrough to single knits
  • Outer layers - performancesport to sport styles
  • Soft equipment - backpacks, footwear
  • Skiwear and winter sports at all levels
  • Running - zany new prints andprotective aspects from thereflective aspect of this trend
  • High impact gym and aerobic activities
  • Outdoor active with arebellious fashion style
  • Urban active/street sports
  • Smart urban active
  • Soft equipment
  • Funky athleisure
source : http://textrends.ispo.com/en/Trends/Trends-Fall-Winter-2018-2019/Textile-Trends/

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