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With consumers realizing they havean abundance of ‘stuff’ in the form of multiple gadgets, appliances and personal possessions, there is a notable mood to pushing forward to outdoor experiences to share on social media and via group apps. With the trend for decluttering ‘stuff’ in the home to the work environment, it is the millennials, the 18-34 demographic, who are driving this mega trend. While mainstream retail will suffer, this is good news for the sports industry, as activities and experiences, shared on social media have much more kudos than having the latest must-have item. This is about taking time out, encountering new experiences and locations in the great outdoors through to more extreme sports, and most importantly sharing it.

We need to take a moment to realizethat sometimes less is more, as items are dismissed in turn for truly experiencing something different through travel to more extreme activities. From camping through to kite surfing, now is the time to bring in a balance, enjoy our leisure time and share with friends and followers.


A renewed efficiency comes into play as we clean up our act on the sustainability front. All sectors of the textile industry continue to pursue a path of cleaner technology and a higher level of eco know- how with reduced waste, elimination of harmful chemicals and a push in recycling. Energy and water saving processes also come through in this viable new future.Be clear, sustainability is here to stay and will be continuing on its progressive path in creating an enlightened textile industry be fitting the 21st Century and delivering to the demands of the consumer.

The pioneering and efficient processes from the textile chain cross over to the garments and accessories. We need to see enhanced performance and a function in the interaction of the fabrics and products with the wearer, generating next generation goods that effortlessly enhance and boost the experience. Multi functionality comes into play as does the ongoing mood for lightweight products combined witha new sensational touch, something that hasn’t featured much before.


Take a step back, breathe and realizeall the opportunities you are missing. In our frenzied, hyper-connected world we really need to take time out, go back to the fundamental aspects of being human and enjoying our time on planet earth. Now is the time to take a chill pill, escape the modern-day bedlam of 21st Century existence and create an oasis of time to recharge and make the most of the opportunities open to us. When one of the key points of advice proffered by mindfulness and self-help professionals comes down to breathing, elementary to our existence, it really is time to take a check up from the neck up and instill a harmonious balance in our lives.

This mega trend translates through tothe materials for the season, deliveringthe multi-functionality desired to finally achieve that work/life balance. Fabricswill sooth, nourish and deliver a renewed comfort as well as offer a sensual experience. In turn the ongoing for wellbeing and healthwear is influential to the collections coming through.

Color Palettes Spring/Summer 2019

Textile Trend : 


This trend is simply the best when it comes to strength and tenacity. From antitear and anti-stress materials to body mapped aspects of reinforced engineered zones, only the toughest, resilient and durable fibers will do. The growth in high-tenacity yarns is having an effect on the market, previously tough and rigid, today’s new all-powerful fabrics have a super soft hand and enhanced flexibility. A key aspect for extreme sports including road cycling and rock climbing is the endurance these fabrics can withstand, enhancing the performance of the wearer. The appeal of this trend also influences the growing ‘lifestyle’ sector, from urban activities through to leisure and camping.

The best in lightweight protection also features, with high performance denim and lightweight ripstop delivering an anti-tear function, and more importantly to the consumer, longer life to products, which in turn means added value. Not just confined to wovens, knits are also taking up this trend with protective elements applied in single and double-layer sponge-like fabrics.

The focus on protection continues further with engineered fabrics that lock on impact for cycling through to high compression fabrics that embrace the wearer anatomically in crucial places. Trims and accessories take up this direction with super strong snappers and zippers, through to tough accessories that are incredibly strong. The alliance of strength with softness is appealing across the textile industry, applicable to many sectors from high impact sports through to lifestyle, as fabrics become much lighter but still maintain their character and performance with amazing fortitude. The tenacious approach is a growth area in all sectors of the market and not to be missed. This about getting the maximum out of materials. .

Fibers, Yarns & Finishes : 
  • Aramid yarns 
  • High tenacity yarns 
  • Graphite-inspired strength - 200 time finer than a human hair 
  • Natural, manmade and synthetics fibers all feature as blending partners 
  • Classics including gabardine and twill are updated in lighter weights with high tenacity yarns for enduring products 
  • Featherweight rip stops - super light and consider moire and colored membranes for finish 
  • Tough membranes and coatings - for shell-like protection 
  • Glassy aspects through cooling technology
  1. Lighter weight performance fabrics that enhance the pursuance of a sport as well as offering high level protection 
  2. High power compression fabrics for base layers and anatomical support • Anti-rip and cut resistants single jersey 
  3. FIR yarns for enhanced energetic properties and wellbeing 
  4. Power stretch mesh - industrial in aspect but soft and super-soft to touch 
  5. Rigid fabrics for backpacks - super-light, tough and decorative 
  6. Performance denim 
  7. Lightweight double layers - contrasting solid weaves with jersey 
  8. Nylon/polyamide warp knits with integrated compression zones, selvedge finishes, clean cut function 
  9. 360º stretch wovens with high tenacity for fit, performance and greater flexibility in movement 
  10. Zippers with a light but tough appearance

SOURCE : http://textrends.ispo.com/en/Trends/Trends-Spring-Summer-2019/Megatrends-Spring-Summer-2019/

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