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Athleisure is 2018 upcoming trends?

2018 upcoming trends :

Athleisure is not a fad, it’s a lifestyle, it’s not just about your joggers and your running shoes. The last major shift in apparel was around the 1950s when denim was first introduced. What we’re seeing now is the next version of that; it’s the point where activewear fully merges with regular streetwear, so it’s the incorporation of stretch fabrics, but it doesn’t look like something you’d wear to the gym.

What kind of fabrics will we see?
In menswear specifically, there are a lot of cool fabrics for blazers with a little bit of stretch in them, or tailored pants you could commute on your bike in, then you don’t have to be all disgusting when you get there. Tory Sport has amazing technical cashmere you can wash. Some future fabrics are the weight of an anorak, with the warmth of a Canada Goose jacket. Developing these crazy technologies is going to completely change the way we approach getting dressed, but for now a lot of that stuff is so prohibitively expensive that you’re not coming to see it really come to mass for a long time, if ever.

How will luxury change?
There’s this idea of stealth wealth. It’s not cool to show off your logo or handbag. Now, the way you brag is flaunting your healthy lifestyle, so it’s a selfie at SoulCycle, a 10 dollar green juice or geotagging a hike. We know luxury is down; this is how luxury is going to differentiate itself going forward, with the types of materials and fabrics you’re going to be able to get at that price point.

What advances will we see in fashion?
There’s augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. The other side of it is the natural, like the slow-made conceptwhich started with food.

So either incredibly tech-obsessed, or the exact opposite? 
Everything is falling within those two areas. For a long time with the iPhone and everything changing so rapidly it felt like a little bit of a runaway train, no one really knew where the trends were going. We’re working with retailers on understanding where their consumer falls on the spectrum, how much they want to be in the future, how much they want to be in the now and disconnect.

What does the natural trend look like?

It’s denim, natural fabrics, 100% cotton or fabrics that feel really textured. They be a poly fabric but they’ll have slubbing or a marled component. Consumers are going in and touching the fabrics now, cozy and hygge are big words on Instagram. It’s the idea of feeling comfortable and burrowing away; anything that has texture, like cashmere, corduroy. The ’70s trend falls right into that, color palettes feeling very from the earth, yellows, reds and brown, so the opposite of a technical fabrics, it’s a fabric that’s been around for forever.

 source : http://observer.com/2016/02/a-trend-forecaster-explains-what-to-expect-in-spring-2018/

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