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Come on, let’s do it! VIGOR is set to put the vitality, vivacity, vibrancy and all round punch back into the sportswear sector. Let’s roll with it, get energized and excited from colorations through to textures without neglecting the performance aspects. Fabrics and accessories in this sector need a zany makeover. This is about being seen and making a statement and leaving the traditional tones behind.

Forget the previous geometric and optical prints, lets go a bit o road and get abstract and kooky. This about savoring that exhilarating feeling and adrenaline rush when reaching our goals. Geared towards the tness sector, synthetic bases continue to rule. The favored lightweight fabrics with various levels of performance from UV protection to moisture management and quick dry need to set up a notch, it’s a competitive world and the energy this trend brings through in pure coloruse and graphics is set to take it to a new level.

Color is key, but playing with the levels of luster of fabric from semi-bright through to mega bright offers the opportunity to create new direction on the design front. An optimistic trend, it isn’t without a cheeky curveball appeal, with fabrics, trims and accessories offering not just function but an element of surprise.

  • High power spandex/elastane for core stability
  • High color longevity and brilliance in synthetic and spandex yarns
  • Chlorine resistance spandex for fitness swimwear
  • Multi functional performance synthetics in highgloss through to matte applications
  • Lightweight, UV protection, moisture management, anti-bacterial,quick dry feature as the key functions from fiber to finish
  • Bright to mega bright brilliant tri-lobal nylon
  • Stretch metallic and luminous coatings
  • Glow in the dark yarns and finishes
  • Fluorescent and phosphorescent yarns and finishes
  • Digital prints update the lightweight but denseaspects of the core stability base layer
  • Iridescent yarns

  • Erratic and drop stick mesh structures in rigid or stretch qualitiesfor inserts
  • Textured surfaces from structure through to gum/silicone prints
  • Cool touch technology is a key aspect of this trend teamed withmoisture management
  • Thermal regulation fibers and finishes
  • Sublimation and digital prints
  • Core power fabrics and engineered compression inanatomical styling
  • Reflective trims and print for outer shells and running tights
  • Bi-stretch jacquard effects
  • Irregular raised surface performance jacquards
  • Erratic and drop stitch mesh structures in rigid or stretch qualitiesfor inserts
  • Power mesh structures with a super soft touch
  • Micro rip stops - lightweight outer shells with added detailto the chaotic appeal this trend brings
  • Moldable spacer fabrics for sports bra cups
  • Compact warp knits and neoprene that can be laser cut for addeddecorative detail
  • Crossover appeal from dry workout gear for the studio to the pool -multi functional performance and added value to the consumer
  • Base layers - compression workout through to swim fabrics
  • Fitted and loose fit fabrics for second layers
  • Second layer outer shells
  • Microlight outer layers
  • Soft equipment - footwear and backpacks
  • Cardio funk and Zumba step and exhilarating hybrid fusion dance classes including capoeira
  • Cardio fusion classes
  • Aerobic classes - dry or aqua
  • Spin classes - Soul Cycle and Flywheel
  • Fitness swimming and aqua Zumba,aqua fitness, aqua spin
  • Fitness techno gym and fullbody cardio workouts
  • Funky athleisure
  • Soft equipment

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