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Sophisticated in its intelligent aspect, SUAVE pulls from the pleasure of nature through touch and optical appeal with discreet added performance. Moisture management, anti-bacterial, cool touch and UV protection are just some of the added ingredients that take classic natural products to a new level. Don’t keep it plain, forget the pure cotton aspects and look to hybrid blends that mimic the authentic look and touch but deliver just that little bit more.

Fabrics are becoming incredibly lightweight yet retain durability. One key aspect of this trend is its direction to a more decorative demeanor as we expect to see fancier openwork and solid constructions come through. Solid base layer fabrics are complimented by lively textured fabrics or through optically raised relief detail through yarn combinations. For pattern and print inspiration look to an edgier organic inspiration in taking this calming, yet high performance mood, to a new level. Basics continue, with traditional melange and power stretch solids featuring in matte and bright finishes.

Flexibility is key in these fabrics, as new developments focus on stretch aspects from comfort to power in protecting the wearer. But it is sustainability thatis the ‘tour de force’ throughout the industry. In this particular trend it takes pole position in marrying natural and synthetic yarns, eco friendly finishes and chemicals alongside a much stronger development in the overall textile process, eliminating waste and reducing water and energy use.

  • BCI cotton - not just in pure but in new and intelligent hybrid combinations
  • Merino wool - thermal regulating qualities for all seasons andupdated through hybrid blends with high performance synthetics
  • Alternative natural-based bers including lyocell, spidersilk, milk, nettles, cork, kapok and seaweed
  • Bio mimicry - bers, fabrics and nishes that mimic nature
  • Polypropylene for the lightest featherweight knits with performance
  • Low heat settable spandex/elastane - reducing energy
  • Bio degradable synthetics and recycled syntheticsfor sustainable performance
  • Bio-based spandex/elastane and eco friendly spandex/elastane
  • Embedded silver and zinc for wellbeing and performance
  • Mineral embedded yarns - cooling through to energizing
  • Recycled synthetic yarns are pushing forward on the functional phase
  • Texturized synthetic yarns with a cotton touch and built in performance
  • Lightweight double sided fabrics with contrasting color and texture
  • Melange and striated space dyed yarns and innovativeone-dye batch colorations - water saving
  • Permanent performance yarns - moisture management,UV protection, anti bacterial, cooling
  • Reduced water and energy consumption for a sustainable approachin finishing
  • Prints - digital and sublimation feature on compact surfaces
  • Papery touch recycled nylon rip stop - membrane nished foradded protection

  • Brushed single jersey for smooth touch against the skin
  • Micro French terry toweling and micro soft lightweight fleece
  • Micro touch fleece - sumptuous touch but incredibly lighter in weight
  • Multi functional performance features in all sectors -moisture management, quick dry, UV protection and anti-bacterial
  • Mock breathable mesh and true mesh for ventilation inserts
  • Micro pique knits with moisture management and a dry hand
  • Clean cut spacer fabrics
  • Bi-stretch compact warp knits with the capability of clean cut nish,bonding and laser cut details
  • Super light but put powerful warp knits with a cooling experience
  • Clean cut warp knits - opportunity for compact knits to be laser cutfor added decorative detail
  • Fabrics are natural to touch but incredibly light due to thecotton-touch synthetics
  • Functional soft touch power mesh for inserts
  • Fabrics take on a natural sheen to compliment the matte and textured aspects
  • Hosiery-inspired circular knits for bra and top liners or vapory send layers
  • 360° stretch in warp knits and lightweight woven
  • Knitted and woven exible denim with four way stretch - jog jeans
  • Light to medium control in stretch in knits and wovens
  • Nano nishes for DWR - apply to interlock and single jersey
  • Stretch membranes - apply to second layers for lightweight activities
  • Jacquardtronic with organic inspired relief for a more feminine directions
  • Trims look to matte appearance with a stronger in fluence from recycled materials

  • Base layers - super important that fabrics are extremely soft against the skin whether streamlined or loose
  • Classic second layers - lightweight
  • Functional second layers withmembrane nishing eliminatingthe need for an outer layer
  • Seamless garments and socksfor zoned performance
  • Recycled components forfootwear and backpacks

  • Yoga/pilates
  • Barre ballet classes
  • Low impact cardio classesincluding body blade
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Lifestyle
  • Athleisure
  • Soft equipment


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