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Opposites attract and with LUCID dazzling aspects vie against perfectly porous and powdery structures, this trend sees compact versus openwork in nano structure detail. This super light generation of fabric is deceptivein its appearance as its light approach actually delivers high level performance. From micro spacer fabrics to neoprene-inspired mesh, it is very uniformed and geometric, precise and punctual in all end products.

Hosiery-inspired knits influence vapory circular knits, with structures almost invisible to the eye, they deliver a strong opacity and t. There is a vapory and eye-catching aspect, as super light weight surfaces are delicately changeable in tone to the eye.

Flexibility and iridescent yarns feature with colored reflective aspects through to the glistening of sh scales. Cooling technology is key through to innovative prismatic tones derived from synthetic yarns through to digital printing,A crystal clear message comes through, lighter than light fabrics with an abundance of performance and a visual appeal from summer white throughto whitened bold and neon tones. This is the ultimate in technology with an elite edge and acute in its direction to shine through.

  • Polypropylene for super lightweight performance
  • Moiré and iridescent decorative membranes for shells
  • Tri-lobal synthetics
  • Mineral embedded yarns for cooling performance
  • Opaque white yarns
  • Full dull nylon yarns for contrast against bright tri-lobal yarns
  • Subtle space dyed yarns
  • Faint rainbow melange yarns
  • Micro fine denier synthetic yarns in nylon and polyester - with UV protection,intense moisture management, cool touch and quick dry as permanent function
  • Cationic dyed yarns for two-toned effect
  • Cooling finishes
  • Anti-bacterial yarns and finishes
  • FIR yarns for renewed energy and wellbeing

  • Featherlight circular knits - hosiery inspired
  • Subtle metallic prints
  • Micro neoprene for shells
  • Compression fabrics
  • Silicon protection - encased between two fabrics
  • Zoned compression
  • Clean-cut fabrics
  • Soft functional polyester knits with a powdery touch
  • Paper touch lightweight wovens with functionalmembrane finishing
  • Laser cut technology on compact warp knits and spacer fabrics
  • Trims and tapes with an iridescent appeal - heat bonded for aseamless look
  • Lustrous surfaces from yarns or finishes
  • Silky touch featherweight knits - gossamer in style
  • Opalescent finishes
  • Optical texture through yarn use but knits and woven fabricsare incredibly compact and at flat DWR finishes
  • Light, multi composite fabrics - multi layered performance
  • Spacer fabrics with contrasting bright/matte combinationsthrough yarn use or printing
  • Gloss and iridescent prints though to pearly finishes for subtlechanging reflectivity
  • Holographic prints and transfer
  • Perfect bright gloss to matte coatings-shell-like andprotective in appearance
  • Crisp and modern rip stops with multi performance
  • Sleek and seamless garments
  • Iridescent and changeant plastic trims
  • Gleaming platinum metal trims
  • Play with transparency in clear or colored plastic accessories
  • Colored metal trims, snappers and eyelets
  • High tenacity anti-abrasive wovens and knits
  • Erratic prints for outer layers
  • Low scrunch noise on 3-layer shell fabrics withhigh performance for skiing

  • Active intimate apparel
  • Compression base layers
  • Seamless garments and sockswith or without compression
  • Streamlined base layers
  • Compression recovery second layers
  • Performance second layers for shells
  • Micro light outer shells

  • Track Cycling
  • Running
  • Marathon
  • Athletics
  • Volleyball base layers and second layers
  • Tennis base layers
  • Soccer base layers
  • Gymnastics
  • Soft equipment - tents, back packs, shoes


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