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A turbocharged feel features as fabrics and trims in this sector are outstanding in delivering enhanced performance, exceptional protection and premium function. High compression fabrics, feature in four-way stretch, taking on a biomimetic approach to the muscular structure of the body. Zoned compression fabrics in various power/weight ratio protect and embrace the muscular structures of the wearer. Reflective fabrics and trims feature in featherlight weights alongside high-tenacity fabrics using micro fine steel-strength aramid fibers. In the past the technology has been focused solely on the function, but for the Spring/Summer 18 season we need to look to lighter variations and more detailed surface effects that don’t deny the true benefit.

Performance boosting, there is a renewed modernity to this trend, it takes on a robot-inspired appearance in terms of the product structure, whether it be fabrics or trims zoned and inserted in the final garment. It is very precise and compact, protective and most importantly appealing, with a much softer and more comfortable wearability than before.

Intelligent interfaces on the technical or face of fabric improve performance from swim, running and triathlons, offering cool touch effects, water repellency, UV protection and quick dry. The fabrics are super modern and super sophisticated. These aren’t for the fainthearted, these are for athletes that want the best from their sports gear on terra firma or the high seas.With ACCELERATE they are set to have their wishes answered and receivethat added physical and mental determination to reach the winning line and achieve their personal best.

  • Aramid fibers in soft blends for tough and anti rip lightweight fabrics
  • Breathable, UV protection, quick dry and moisturemanagement all feature for exhertive activities
  • FIR yarns for enhanced energetic properties and wellbeing
  • Recycled synthetics made from plastic bottlesand waste retrieved from the ocean
  • High performance nylon with built in function including moisturemanagement, cool touch, quick dry and UV protection
  • Core compression and anatomical zoning in base layersthrough high powered spandex/elastane
  • Performance finishes - quick dry, UV protection, moisture management
  • Bright tri-lobal nylon yarns
  • Full dull nylon for matte bases perfect for applying brightand iridescent transfers and coatings for contrast
  • Reflective yarns, prints and transfers
  • Chlorine resistant spandex/elastane - reduceddegradation and longer lasting apparel
  • Matte laminates to o ffer a delustered effect on bright synthetic bases
  • Polypropylene for lightweight applications - especially involved in sea sports
  • DWR membranes

  • Compact and perfect surfaces feature in warp and circular knits
  • High power compression fabrics for base layers and anatomical support
  • Lighter weight performance fabrics that enhance the pursuance of asport as well as offering high level protection
  • Soft touch neoprene - jazz surfaces up for a new direction includingprints and transfers
  • Lighter weight neoprene with full level performance
  • Trims take on a bonded approach for a locked-in finish
  • Waterproof seamless transfers for added details
  • Impact protective lightweight waterproof foam
  • Apply hydrophobic finishes to warp and circular knits inspiredby nano technology in creating dry swimsuits
  • Super compact structures for pro swimwear to reduce drag andenhance performance
  • Chlorine resistant mesh for inserts
  • Soft touch, power stretch micro mesh
  • Micro fine nylon rip stop that can be advanced in performancethrough membrane technology
  • Lightweight woven for bottoms - hybrid blends for anti-rip
  • Quick dry nylon/spandex and polyester with UV protection for rash guard
  • Power stretch rib knits
  • Thermal regulation fabrics and finishes - cooling and warming duringthe high level of exercise to the cool down recovery period
  • Magnetic clasps
  • New generation waterproof zippers, incredibly light and bondable
  • Molded resin clasps - safe and secure
  • Molded spacer fabrics for aqua fitness
  • Stretch hyper realistic prints and transfers
  • Thermochromic waterproof stretch transfers

  • Base layers from swimwear to running tights and tops
  • Second layers including performance eeces and wetsuits
  • Outer layers - super lightweight shells
  • Backpacks and tents
  • Footwear

  • Water sports from fun fitness level to extreme - surfing, kite surfing, kayaking, y boarding and windsurfing
  • Diving and wild swimming
  • Pro swimming - for swimwearthat needs anti-drag for enhancedperformance plus longevity
  • Running - from fitness to pro
  • Triathlon
  • Road cycling
  • Cross training and warrior workouts
  • Iron man


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