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This theme is about SELF EXPRESSION.

Its inspiration comes from the 80s where Ettore Sottsass being in his 60s gathered a group of really young designers and architects to create a non conformist approach with bright, colorful and quite shocking pieces. This was the beginning of Memphis Design.

COLLAGE reflects optimism and has a playful and energetic feel encouraging you to cut and paste your own style. It’s an artsy thinking.

Customization is huge, the idea of adding your own brush strokes on your garments becomes very appealing. Or you can build up and stack your own furniture creating personal designs.

You have graphics such as dots, grids, stains but all very irregular are keywords here.

Credit : These trends created and published by Eclectic Trends

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  1. This is a trend created and published by Eclectic Trends. I ask you to credit properly or take it down from your blog. There is a copyright sign on the images which states you can not publish without permissions. Please act accordingly. Thank you.


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