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We are more and more scanned in different senses. When we go the airport, be on the internet or make a telephone call with an integrated GPS, there are cameras on the street, and we have to face there is a constant integration of technology with the human body.

On the other side, ‘SCANNED’ has beauty, there is a wonderful x-ray photography underlining transparency and fragility which is not new but has been there for a few years already. By exposing an object to x-rays one discovers new and sometimes surprising structures and hidden beauty.

It is a movement that invites to discover and explore in a different way, like looking underneath the surface and being marveled by its treasures.

Credit : These trends created and published by Eclectic Trends


  1. This is a trend created and published by Eclectic Trends. I ask you to credit properly or take it down from your blog. There is a copyright sign on the images which states you can not publish without permissions. Please act accordingly. Thank you.


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